Signel IX Consulting Services

Informatic Analysis and Tool Development

Small molecule discovery, particularly in the context of predictive approaches such as machine learning models and computational chemistry requires tools for the analysis of the molecules identified. Cheminformatics tools, visualizations, property calculations, similarity searching, diversity analysis often in the context of extremely large compound collections are essential elements of modern small molecule discovery pipelines. Building analytical tools that can be reused beyond a single analysis and have intuitive user interfaces, accessible to chemists and biologists as well as informatics experts is a key Signel focus.

Data Management, Data Systems and Strategy

Until the specific molecule is delivered as a candidate, data is the fundamental product of early drug discovery and optimization efforts. The ability to organize and access the data in an efficient way can be the difference between the success and failure of a hit series. Signel’s expertise includes implementing data infrastructure from day one of a startup through enhancing existing capabilities in more mature companies. Our work has included analyzing and designing strategy for data flow throughout organizations, implementing commercial systems and capitalizing on SaaS APIs, as well as the development of custom capabilities such as design and development of databases for capture and retrieval of complex data. Recent projects and current consulting clients have focused on bridging informatics systems and capitalizing on web resources, in addition to pipeline design, requirements gathering, and vendor coordination.

DNA-Encoded Library Strategy and Informatics

DNA-encoded library technology has taken off in the last decade, moving from a relatively rare discovery approach to a central piece in the drug discovery strategy of many if not most companies that operate in the small molecule space. DEL has become of even greater interest as companies have begun to capitalize on the rich data set that is produced as a driver for advanced computational approaches (e.g. machine learning). Signel has deep experience in developing DEL strategies and DEL informatics from library synthesis to DEL analysis and advanced DEL application. We bring expertise in DEL informatics, data processing, DEL data capture/storage/retrieval, analytical tools, and metric development as well as understanding of the key players and approaches in the industry.  

Small Molecule Discovery Strategy

Small molecule discovery has undergone several significant changes in the recent past. HTS collections had been limited to only large pharmaceutical companies that had invested decades and up to billions of dollars in developing this capability. Key recent developments are shifting this dynamic beyond just the offerings by CROs of HTS services with smaller sized commercial collections

  • DEL providers have increasingly enabled DEL-based hit discovery
  • As computational power has increased, very large-scale docking has begun to be commercially available
  • Machine learning based hit and optimization approaches have begun to show increasing promise

Signel has developed an understanding of the tools and vendors that are beginning to commercialize these new discovery approaches. Our background positions us to help biotech companies understand how these new capabilities can interact to accelerate drug discovery programs and how they create a new discovery paradigm driven by economical chemistry, computational approaches, and a rapid testing cycle.

Operations Software and Process Implementation

A company is an ecosystem rather than a collection of siloed functions. The smooth functioning of information systems, financial processes, human resources, laboratory operations and lab automation are all necessary to create the environment for the innovative science that drives a biotech company. Our extensive experience overseeing projects in these key areas, including activities such as identifying stakeholders, requirements gathering, change management, and technical coordination, enables us to bring clear guidance and calm leadership to complex corporate projects that can induce anxiety in teams and executive leadership when not well managed.

Technology Advising/Coaching/Mentoring

The landscape of available technologies is increasingly complex including rapidly changing approaches to infrastructure, corporate and scientific software systems, applications of data science and computational approaches. Companies from early stage to well established are often loading the burden of keeping on top of the changes in these varied fields on IT and scientific computing teams that are already pulled in a number of directions to build and support the company. Signel provides advisory services to executives both with and without technology expertise as well as mentoring and coaching to IT, scientific computing and informatics leads and teams to develop and execute technology strategy.